Monday, December 2, 2013

Celtic Solstice Mystery!

First clue

I am doing Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice Mystery quilt. Here is the first part, tri-recs units, waiting to be trimmed.

These are some of the fabrics I'll be using. I'm using grey as my neutral, otherwise using blue, orange, yellow and green like Bonnie.


  1. Love your modern fabric choices!

  2. The bright fabrics you've chosen are so refreshing. Great idea to use gray as the neutral. Why didn't I think of that?

  3. I like the grey with these colours! I'm so behind!

  4. I love your choice of fabrics isn't she just the greatest!!!.We had a day retreat with her so much fun and down to earth gal. She does a lot the thrifty way and I like that .Do you watch her Quilt cams? .They are fun to watch her using every bit of scrap up .I will watch your progress!!!