Sunday, December 21, 2014

Clues 2 & 3

Finally finished clue 2

I am doing 1/4 size so I made 25 of these Double Diamond blocks. I used the stitch and flip method so now I have many small bonus triangles.

Clue 3 was pretty simple except that I did not measure after I had sewn any of the strips together (and of course my seam allowance was set extra scant for something else I was sewing) so everything was off by the time I had the four 2inch strips together. Lots of re-sewing ensued!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Clue 1 !

Yay! Its happening!
I am doing Christmas colors for the Grand Illusion Mystery. 

I did not have enough scraps in Bonnie's colors so I decided to go with this. I am using red for pink, light green for turquoise, a very dark green for her green. I'm using 2 yellows that are very similar as my yellow, this one black snowflake and my neutral is a very light grayish-whiteish batik, and possibly other bits. This will be my third time doing a Bonnie mystery, but I only have one quilt top to show for it. I completed the Celtic Solstice top a couple of weeks ago. 

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